Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Trashy Treasures

Last Saturday, me and a friend went on an antiquing binge.  Because we're 85 year old adrenaline junkies.  We can't help it.

Here is Yours Truly feeling funky fresh in her "Jackie-O" glasses.  
"O-yes" is what I say to that.

The quintessential Raggedy Ann Doll.  Every girl had one growing up, usually in a pair with her lover, Andy.  This particular doll struck me really odd.  Her "eyes" make her appear as if she's done something really sinister.  Either she's pooped her pants or set the neighbor cat on fire.  

This picture of old arcade games is really meant to appeal to my siblings who read this blog...   *tap-tap-tap* I.T.T.O? (Is this thing on? That phrase rolls through my head so often it deserves its own acronym)  Five words, H&L:  Weyandts basement.  Sunday afternoon.  Amen.  

The Queen of Hearts.  

And, yes, you are seeing this correctly.  I remember picking up the aforementioned plate to reminisce about the late Diana's personal charisma and devotion to numerous charities and humanitarian causes. Then, in holding the plate at a slight angle, I recoiled in horror when it revealed a snarky Princess Di with a wonky eye.

I knew I had to buy it then, if only to take it out of circulation to prevent soulless people from pointing and laughing at the plastered mishap.

Then it dawned on me.  I don't actually have a soul.  So, I immediately called my friend over and we both doubled over laughing. Then I chased her around the store holding the plate to my face and growling.  


  1. I keep expecting that Raggedy Anne doll's head to spin 360 ala Linda Blair.

    And that second "face" on the Princess Di plate reflects when she got a really good look at Camilla Parker Bowles.

  2. Haha! Yes, Debbie. Great observation. Perhaps she even resembles Camilla a bit on the "special plate".

  3. always so funny, Amanda Kate! :) Thanks for sharing!

  4. Haha Debbie I doest believe that thats the face of regret when she saw Charles naked for the first time....

    Amanda I thought about that before you even said anything! Weyandts!! I just connected with her on facebook!!

  5. Touche, Heather! When you say the Weyandts are on facebook, do you mean Sherry? Certainly not Pat, right?

  6. It's a lovely plate. I hope it's hanging on your bathroom wall?

  7. Hi Patti... Oh, no! That baby is going to be displayed above my fireplace! :)

  8. Yes! Oh yes, the Weyandts! Although I don't remember any scantily clad ladies on their pin ball machines.

  9. Hi m name is Anthony and I am not a robot or a spammer. :)

    That was a good writing. I found your blog after updating mine and started to use the feature Next blog. I have read some of your entries and they are really good. Please feel free to read my

    Personally I would be for the pin ball machines. I remember really young going to arcades and playing those.

    Have a great and blessed day. :)


    ps. I would have rather sent you a private message of introduction but could not, or maybe as typical guy did not see it right in front of me. lol.

  10. Hi Anth,

    Thanks for stopping by! Thanks also for the blogging props. I'll be stopping by "your place" shortly.