Thursday, August 11, 2011

What the heck I've been up to besides not blogging...

July had me running around like a chicken with my head cut off. Or, in the case of our unfortunate farm animals, like a duck with my neck sawed to shreds.  By an gigantic owl.  Anyway, it doesn't even apply because ducks just plop over dead when their heads get severed off.  Ours don't run for anything.  Ever.

Bad example.

So, work has been keeping me knuckle dragging honest and quite busy.  Other than actually being quasi-productive at work (sans today, of course), I have managed to do a few fun things here and there.

Clint came into town for the 4rth of July.  We had us a celebration!  This pictures kills me because dad looks like a mischievous little boy here, no?  Or an Iguana. 

 Here I am taking Clint on a white-knuckle 4-wheeler ride around the property. 

When we arrived at the old Schoolhouse, Clint became very tired and decided to take a nap on a rusty fence.

Totally. Normal.

For no reason really at all, I felt that he should be put in the corner.  Maybe it was repressed memories stemming back from our childhood together or the fact that he sometimes does not return my calls or just because the wind was blowing outside.  It just felt right in my soul.

 Next, Clint gets a refreshing drink from the watering trough. 

We visited an old cemetery down the road and came across some headstones from the early 1500's.  Or maybe they were from the 1600's?  Eh.  What's being off by 100 years when it was a bazillion years ago either way?  

I took many, many more pictures of headstones but I will spare you.  The intricate details were beautiful, though.  Early settlers took dying seriously.   

Here I took in a beautiful florida sunset while celebrating my friends' long awaited nuptials. 

... And here is my friend putting her husband in a Twister Simulator at the local mall.  It was the best $2 investment of her life.

You all come back now, ya hear?