Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Carcass Poem

The Carcass Poem
By:  Clyde Mitchell

Look deep into my eyes of Pine-Sol yellow
You'll see that I'm an earnest fellow
My addiction holds me strong and tight
Carcass loving is my plight

There they lay twisted, cold and mangy
All that putrid meat, on my tongue, quite tangy

My nose, the prime offender
My brain to fight is no contender
Good manners "Take a hike!" I growl
"Go now, rotted flesh, go now into my bowel"

I feast until I wretch
Tummy bloated
Lovely stench

Friday, February 4, 2011


Oh boy, oh boy did my pulse quicken when I saw that I had three new comments overnight on a past entry.   Sure, their advice was squirrelly but their intentions were most certainly pure.  Here is what my spammer friends posted in response...

"Congratulations. I hope the Lord bless you and guide you every passing minute of your life."

Well, thank you Lawyer Internet Marketing!  I am sure that if I ever needed my money wired, probably through PayPal into your account, I will let you know.  I, too, hope that the Lord blesses me and guides me through every passing minute of my life.  Thanks for throwing religious sentiments into your spamming message.  I am sure God approves.  May cholera cripple your livestock. 

And now for my good friends over at Chicago Bankrupcy:

"The love of true friends is more than just yourself, if you have true friends go through any problems you should protect your friend. All have trials and the trials she felt it should be instructions in order to solve the problem."

Dear Chicago Bankruptcy,



And finally, my friends at Alaska Fishing Trips said...

Give appreciation friends and turned around you. And do not emotionally attached to the decision to consider several times before decisions in life.

I could not have said it better myself. Honestly.