Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Carcass Poem

The Carcass Poem
By:  Clyde Mitchell

Look deep into my eyes of Pine-Sol yellow
You'll see that I'm an earnest fellow
My addiction holds me strong and tight
Carcass loving is my plight

There they lay twisted, cold and mangy
All that putrid meat, on my tongue, quite tangy

My nose, the prime offender
My brain to fight is no contender
Good manners "Take a hike!" I growl
"Go now, rotted flesh, go now into my bowel"

I feast until I wretch
Tummy bloated
Lovely stench


  1. You know, for some reason breakfast doesn't sound too good at the moment.

  2. Amanda? Uh, feelin kind of ill right now.

  3. Amanda, This is so weird, but I saw your name on Facebook, when you liked Mrs. Komar's link, and I thought--that name!--Is that Dean's daughter? And you are! I knew your mom a bit, too, and I always admired her.
    Your blog is great. Loved your dog barf poem, we had a choc lab who loved to do that, too.

  4. Hi Ferree! I'm glad to know this "poem" did not scare you off...

    I'll be seeing dad tonight and I'll let him know you are on facebook. He has an account but I do not think he's logged on in years. Mom was a wonderful lady. I miss her everyday.

  5. Aha! I thought that was the dead-flesh eater in the flesh, and so it is. Your poem is worthy of Shakespeare/Keats/Gerald Manley Hopkins/Emily Dickinson ... We will read it aloud to our six dogs tonight before dinner. Perhaps the subtitle could be "How to Enhance Dog Breath?"

  6. This is... *sniffle* beautiful.


  7. *yawn* get writing! I'm waiting.