Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Silence is Golden, Duct Tape is Silver*

It's been awhile.  I have missed you.  Blogspot has a feature called "stats" that displays the number of blog hits that I get on day to day basis and where these hits originate from.  Apparently, some bored souls from Russia, Mexico, Iceland and a few other countries I probably could not locate on a map read my ramblings.  Neat, ay?  I think so.  To them I say "Zdra-stvu-eetee", "Hola" and "Komið þið sæl".

An update of my day includes my bosses dog, otherwise referred to as Clyde Mitchell, spotted down on busy Rt 12 in a ditch eating deer carcass, happy as a clam.  Excellent.  Curiously enough, once he was brought back, he wanted to spend quality time in my office and strongly desired to lick my hand.  Sweet boy... not today. 

This just in:  Clyde is now outside and rummaging through our garbage pails.

So, what has been going on in your world?

*Random and unrelated to post, yet funny

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Post Christmas Partings

We all* know Christmas is very over.  However, do not tell that to my tree standing tall, dried out and dusty in my living room.  I just cannot part ways with it quite yet.  And more over, I do not like the idea of tossing it in the garbage to be smothered in dirty diapers in the dump.  It is simply too pretty to be disposed of that way.  So my plan is to take it out the back door (a midnight operation no doubt) and drag it up hill (aka my backyard) to lay it to rest in peace and decay amongst its brethren.

A co-worker told me she names her Christmas tree every year.  I thought it was quite strange that she would name an inanimate object like that.  Cheryl and I had a good laugh about that on our way home yesterday.


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Disclaimer Shame

While blog-browsing today, I came across this nifty disclaimer. I found it curious that she felt called to post this because she was markedly, well, normal and completely boring.  As I grazed through her work where no revolutionary subjects were discussed or Polaroid's of Big-foot caught water skiing, my first thought was "Who does she think she is?" But, it got me thinking. Maybe you don't have to have to be Bill Shakespeare to warrant this disclaimer. And frankly, posting this makes me feel very official and authorishy. 

So, yeah, everyone take note: 

"Unless otherwise noted all images and writing on this blog were created by me and as such are my property. Please ask for permission to use any images or to quote writing."

The next time you desire to plagiarize my fine literary works and call them your own, remember, I would be delighted, err, I mean, you need to ask my permission.  And you probably need to seek better council, honestly.  Why?  A statistical analysis would find that 78% of this blog pertains to animals (67% of those references are of deceased animals whose post-mortem plans include their osteoporotic bones being fashioned into wind-chimes), 24% is of complete and utter tomfoolery, 13% is about personal reflections that you may care to read about, and the remaining 2% is spent placing human emotions on vehicles.  For those who counted up those percentages and got 117% as well as a confused mind, I salute you.  You, Sir or Madam, would never need to plagiarize my words. You are bright enough to realize that some things are better left up to the professionals.