Thursday, January 13, 2011

Post Christmas Partings

We all* know Christmas is very over.  However, do not tell that to my tree standing tall, dried out and dusty in my living room.  I just cannot part ways with it quite yet.  And more over, I do not like the idea of tossing it in the garbage to be smothered in dirty diapers in the dump.  It is simply too pretty to be disposed of that way.  So my plan is to take it out the back door (a midnight operation no doubt) and drag it up hill (aka my backyard) to lay it to rest in peace and decay amongst its brethren.

A co-worker told me she names her Christmas tree every year.  I thought it was quite strange that she would name an inanimate object like that.  Cheryl and I had a good laugh about that on our way home yesterday.



  1. I love Christmas trees. I was MADE to take mine down last Friday. :( When I am done with this job and live in my own place, I think I am going to keep it up from Thanksgiving til the end of january--maybe.
    At least I am not going to be told when to take it down!!!
    I miss your posts. You're so funny. Write more! 'Course, I guess I can't really tell you what to do since I haven't been really writey lately either.

  2. I have great empathy for you. I too, endure insurmountable grief during the disposal process of my coniferous companions.

    Thankfully, there is a small forest about 20 yards off my back patio where... *ahem* Priscilla... has been nestled snuggly beside a friendly birch tree. I check on her frequently. She is very happy.

    Next year, I will bring her another. Alex maybe. They will mate. They will make many baby christmas trees for years to come.