Friday, February 4, 2011


Oh boy, oh boy did my pulse quicken when I saw that I had three new comments overnight on a past entry.   Sure, their advice was squirrelly but their intentions were most certainly pure.  Here is what my spammer friends posted in response...

"Congratulations. I hope the Lord bless you and guide you every passing minute of your life."

Well, thank you Lawyer Internet Marketing!  I am sure that if I ever needed my money wired, probably through PayPal into your account, I will let you know.  I, too, hope that the Lord blesses me and guides me through every passing minute of my life.  Thanks for throwing religious sentiments into your spamming message.  I am sure God approves.  May cholera cripple your livestock. 

And now for my good friends over at Chicago Bankrupcy:

"The love of true friends is more than just yourself, if you have true friends go through any problems you should protect your friend. All have trials and the trials she felt it should be instructions in order to solve the problem."

Dear Chicago Bankruptcy,



And finally, my friends at Alaska Fishing Trips said...

Give appreciation friends and turned around you. And do not emotionally attached to the decision to consider several times before decisions in life.

I could not have said it better myself. Honestly.


  1. "I send my deep esteems and regard to you and hope that your lifes will alway be full of joy and happiness. and if you will, please send me $68,000."

    and on the other hand--hey, how did spammers get on your blog post? I guess I never expected that spammers would go there. I guess they go everywhere nowadays.

    Sorry for the disappointment. I would be seriously bummed if it looked like THREE whole people had commented and it was only junk mail, basically.

    Well, let me try to make up for it here. you rock, Amanda Kate. You're funny as can be and I enjoy reading your posts so much, even if they are just re-posting of ridiculous spam junk.

    Is it snowing where you are today? Us? too far south. three hours north of us, it is snowing. We're left with cold and ice. But hey, at least it ain't humid and 105! :)
    ME :)

  2. Hi Lolly!

    Thanks for stopping by! I appreciate your kind words, as always. It is not snowing today nor will it be. I am not sure why I say that with such authority but it feels right.

    I'll be stopping by your blogshere to see what you have been up to lately. Until then, stay warm!

  3. FYI an update from Naples, FL It's 86F and sunny on the condo lanai as this is written. For once we picked the right time to spend 2MO in FLA

  4. @Donald: Your comment is so, so wrong. So wrong. But I hope you are enjoying every last moment of warmth and sunshine. *insert weeping here*

  5. (Audible Sighing) in re: vacationing in Naples, FL. It's a dirty job, but somebody's got to do it.

  6. I got a recorded voicemail this weekend that said: "Thanks for selling us your car! We want your feedback on the transaction. Call 1-866... to leave your comments!"

    Never sold my car. Still the same BMW I've always had...