Thursday, April 7, 2011

Name that Caption!

This dog.  He tickles me.  Not literally of course as he lacks opposable thumbs.  But he does sing to my soul much like Michael Buble' who crooned the ballad, "I just haven't met you yet" at his own wedding last weekend.  The title of the song is fortuitous as he has not, in fact, met me yet. I concur, Michael. Our squirrelly love ship has not yet sailed.  But it will, oh it will.  Glory day, it will.

Dear reader, this has been a fantasy of mine for some time... Michael singing to me in a dimly lit room, playing a piano, on stage, crooning in my ear... "that's why I'm singing this song foooor youuuuuuuuu. Wohhh-oooh dooby doooo."

Thank you for listening.  It is a lonely world I live in.

At any rate, here's Clyde at the front office window looking smart.  In reality, he was scouring the area for any sign of his Master's return which is cause for a lot of consternation throughout his day.

This picture demands a caption, but I want my clever friends to conjure up one.  If you are reading this, you are a clever friend so get ta thinking!

Whoever submits the winning caption (or, as I've learned, anything at all) will get an official kudos from me and an all expenses paid, all inclusive trip to Alderson, West Virginia.



  1. Love it, Ferree! Looks like you're coming to West Virginia!

  2. "Um, Amanda? You forgot to put 'Beggin' Strips' on the grocery list!"

  3. Lolly Fab- I think he may have told me that before. He's demanding, you know.

  4. "So I have a question about this part of the survey when you ask for what is my favorite activity to do? I do not see chasing mail men down or getting stomach rubbed. So is it okay if I check other?"


    "So you think it is to early to send this letter to Santa? Cause you know I have been a very good dog this year."

  5. "Amanda, ummm hey I have a quick question: you did say pooping on a wood or vinyl floor is preferable to a carpet right? I'm just looking over my notes here and I can't quite make out my paw prints (it was a crrrrraaaazy day in the office that day). I just needed some clarification before I squated in the corner. Sorry, I know you're super busy but well, its kind of urgent you know. I'm guessing carpet but I could be wrong - and we KNOW I don't want to be wrong am I right?! haha am I right or am I right?! haha... phew, oh boy. What a day right? It's Frrrrrridaaaaaay though!! couldn't have come any sooner! I mean really what a week right? I'm sorry I'm sorry, I'm totally talking your ear off. Mr chatterbox, that's me! heh heh *ah-hem*... yeah. guess I'm just a little nervous... it's just... It's just that I've seen you around and well... I just.. hey, um... what are you up to tonight? I mean not that I'm asking you out I'm just wondering your plans. I mean I already have plans but I just wanted to know you. I mean yours! your plans! yeah, just ummmmm... ok I gotta go... I love you... I mean I mean I'll see you Monday!! That's what I meant!! huh-huh yeah see you monday! oops... I just pooped. I hope you said carpet..."

    Was that caption too long?

  6. I think Joe G wins the all-expenses paid trip to Alderson, West Virginia. Hands down.

  7. *Don't care if I win or lose, just thought of an idea during work and wanted to write it out. lol*

    "Thank you for checking in Miss Amanda Kate Now if you could sign here we will have the bell boy I mean dog come and pick your bags.

    "Scrabbers where stop trying to scratch that itch on the right side of your ear, come and get this woman her bags and take her to room 213 please. I am sorry the wait Miss it is hard to try and find good loyal help these days"

    *Another dog comes over to pick up her bags*

    "Also, here is your keys to room 213 and I want to thank you again for choosing the Barebone Inn. Where our rooms as not a dry and plain like all the other hotels out there. If you have any questions please pick up your phone and press star and extension 10. We have 24 hour room search and breakfast starts at 6am with make your own Belgium waffles, hard boiled eggs, muffins and premium bacon. Also, around 12pm-1:30pm is lunch and 4pm-6pm is dinner. Thank you again for choosing Barebones Inn. Have a nice stay."

  8. I vote for Joe's "pooping on the wood floor vs the carpet . . ." It's like he has the mind of a dog!

  9. Wow! Thanks guys (and gals) who submitted their captions. You make a bloggett real proud! *sniff-sniff*

  10. Actually, Anth's response is pretty brilliant, too. Can they both win?

  11. *insert tossing of flowers upon Amanda's small speech* Speech, speech, speech, speech!

    ps. Thank you Patricia for your comment on my message. After I look at it I was like ugh...I should have proof read it better. lol.

  12. Well, Anth, you had me giggling. I feel as if I know Clyde (and I certainly don't). Here's hoping AKB rewards all of these witty responses with a trip to A, WV. Maybe I'll come along simply for the ride.