Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I'm leaving on a jet plane...

Actually, that is not entirely true.  I'll be leaving not on a jet plane but in a V6 engine that has the gumption and vigor of a V2.  Assuming there is such a thing as a V2, its name would certainly be Cheryl P. Troll-Cruiser.  Let me get straight to the point here--- I am leaving my little condo. *sigh*  

You know, it's strange where life will take you if you let it.

Life has me moving to a very, very far away place called Union, West Virginia.  I feel comfortable putting that information online for a number of reasons:

       1) My readers consist mainly of family, friends and possibly a few lovers. Not likely you say? Kill joys!

       2) Union is so remote and unchartered that I doubt that an ax-murderer would be able to find me anyway.  Seriously, in trying to map the coordinates of  my new digs, Google Earth was like "Woh. Where are my glasses? Please hold."

       3) I underestimate the investigative prowess of said ax murderer.

I just got a chill.  Hold me.

I won't tell a lie, I'm a wee bit sad to be leaving.  The walls have been lovingly painted and then re-painted, the location is convenient for work and, well, it's mine and I've enjoyed living here.  Arriving home after a long day of work, you might hear me bellow "hello house!" as I enter through the front door.  Don't be alarmed.  You should be used to me personifying inanimate objects by now.  It's what I do.

This weekend I'll be saying adieu to my little condo of dreams...

Oh, silly me.  That is an old picture.  Here's *my condo...

Like the pillows?  I sure do. 

Whatever mixed blessing this move represents, where I am moving to, dear reader, is pretty awesome.  I am looking forward to sharing with you some of the sights from my new residence which just happens to be a slice of scenic glory.

*This picture exists in my dreams and also on Pottery


  1. Oh but you can look out onto the horse, and the vast amount of rolling countryside that is between you and any kind of civilization.

    Are those banjos I hear?

  2. Welcome to my world when I am in Galena, AK-lol. At least you can drive to civilization. I have to fly, unless during winter time it could be possible to snowmobile to another town.

    Either way, just want to say hope your journey goes well and God will give you strength, patience, and awesome memories for the coming time you are there. :)

    Yes I do love those pillows, I must say. :)

  3. what?! Amanda. oh my, we DO need to catch up. I'm a bad friend. I owe you a visit from like 8 months ago. :( Can we chat soon!?

  4. Amanda, I know the feeling. I'm moving to a rather remote speck of the earth in the next two weeks as well. I'm on predeployment leave living it up in a posh suite in DC. Fancy cars and bank accounts scattered from sidewalk to skyscraper. A far cry from my soon to be home of mud huts and poppy fields. Semper Magical. As long as there are books and coffee in vast quantities I'm sure we will both prevail amidst these new landscapes (thank you Kindle). Who knows, someday you may come to love the movie "So I Married an Ax Murderer". Eat your heart out Mike Myers. Head! Paper! Now!