Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Any Given Monday

See that sickly lime-colored pine on the left, laying on its side on top of the hill?  That's my ex-Christmas tree.  You can't see it clearly, but the steep of that hill is set at about an 85 degree angle (at least in my mind). At any rate,  it almost required ropes and a pick-ax to climb.  I think you climb with a pick-ax?  If any of my readers have climbed Everest and could confirm this, I'd be most grateful.  I wouldn't want to look ill-informed on my own blog. That would be unchartered territory, for sure.

Here is the kitty that comes to my window with regularity.  Friendly, huh?  Once I let him because it was really cold outside.  Cold enough that I could see his kitty breath as he was bossing me.  I happened to be on the phone with my brother when I opened the door and let him in.  Slinking around on my pristine and sparkling wood floors, he decided to back up against my freshly painted wall and mark it silly.  Butt-graffiti if you will.

"Holy Moses! Bip, I'll call you back."

Before my OCD rage could render me useless and clutching my chest, he dashed over to my dining room and marked a few chairs, and then on to a neighboring door frame to continue his glandular nonsense.  I shoved him out the door all while shouting, "No, Sir!" Because even a naughty cat deserves some respect.


  1. Wow, Ramsey must have come back in cat form.

  2. This reminds me of the cute and cuddly little polar bear floating adrift on an ice chunk off the Arctic Ocean. It's the one that's been beaten down by the cruelty of the polluting humans around the world. The one that eveyone wants so desperately to save from his wretched plight. I picture the kind, earth conscious, caring hippies swimming out to save him from his misery.

    And then I picture him ripping their heads off and eating them for breakfast...

  3. laughing so hard tears are running down my face...cuz in my fabulous, emationary brain I am watching this whole thing happen!! HILarious!

  4. Thanks, Heath. You're a real confidence boosta!