Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Hello, Reader Friends,

It's not like I have a lack of things to tell you about that stem from a hungry, confused mind. I just forget to tell you about them or simply run out of time.  As soon as I get to sitting down and typing them out in fractured sentences, my boss interrupts me and asks for stuff to get done so I can stay active on payroll.  You know, "stuff" like DHHR compliance (who cares), or an employee making highly inappropriate comments to another employee (tattle-tale sissies) or, the highlight of my day today...

BB:  "I received your resume and was able to review it.  If it's convenient, I would like to ask you a few questions.  Now, what prompted you to apply to here"?

Applicant: "Can you explayn thayt?"

BB:  "Sure. What was it about this job that struck a chord in you? What made you decide this would be a good fit?"

Applicant:  "Ye meyn personally?  It was in the payper ye know..."

BB:   "Yes.  You personally.  What do you think makes this job appealin...  a happy place to work?"

Applicant:  "Hm?"

BB:  "Welp, I think my building is on fire.  I need to go.  But, we'll keep your resume on file for reasons unforeseen or desperation so unimaginable. Thank you for your time."

Applicant: "Hm?"

Okay, so there were a few embellishments, but only a few.  Our building was NOT on fire today.  Occasionally when I have an preliminary phone interview with a candidate whose skill set would be better suited for cave-dwelling, I'll do the universal finger across the jugular move or blunt knife to the wrist in a rapid fire motion or gun to the temple, etc, etc, etc.  These are all S.O.S signals to my co-worker sitting directly across the hall from my desk.  She always laughs at this because she is my friend and has a highly evolved sense of humor.

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