Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas in Chicago

My "little" brother and I took in the sights of our beloved Chicago a few weeks ago.  If I was to move anywhere back up north, it would be to that windy, fabulous city. And, if I could manage it, I would take him with me and keep him in my closet.

Our train ride into the city.  He looks so... normal.  Attractive even.  You agree?

This picture is a reminder that ALL are God's children.  Even the ugly ones.

Your friend in CAGO.

This was taken after walking in the wrong direction for 5 or so blocks in 22 degree heat.  I pleaded with him before saying, "Do NOT, do NOT ask me if we are going in the right direction. Is that map in Chinese?" Although great at stringing beads and sitting still, I am hopeless with city grids and arriving at destinations.

 Our second or third Starbucks purchase of the day.  Get while the getting is good I always say. 

Taken at an amazing Thai restaurant near Lake Michigan.  My wide eyes tell the story of copious amounts of caffeine ingested. 

Culturing him is no easy tusk. 

The 95th Floor of the John Hancock building at night.  What was supposed to be a blinding flash of light against the glass in hopes of a shot of the city turned out to be a pretty cool picture of Mr. GQ himself.  

 And on your left, kids, is a pervert. 

Winding down and finding our way to Union Station.  The ending to a successful, relaxing day in the city with one of my favorite guys, ever.


  1. Your lil' bro is awfully adorable!! I really like the walrus picture. However, I just marvel over the stupendousness (is that a word) of the picture taken in the John Hancock building. Wow! Your accidental skill is amazing.
    It looks like you and bro had a really great time. I'm kinda jealous I don't get to do that sort of thing with my sibs. Now, if you really want me to feel some pain, tell me that you were actually leaving the John Cougar Mellencamp concert. That must've been awesome--if you went, that is.
    Sorry about this rambling, Amanda Kate. It is late and I'm one tired puppy. Pop hasn't gone to sleep before midnight (and it is usually 1 a.m.) for a week. I'm weary and it is starting to show. :)

  2. p.s. a framed copy of the John Hancock building shot would be a cool Christmas present for your favorite guy, ever. :)

  3. Lolly Fab. Thank you for the blog props! I saw that you are paying people to visit my site which is awful nice of you...

    I did not attend the J. Cougar concert, thank goodness. You can still hold me in high regard.

    Hope you get some much needed rest!

  4. I actually was going to be jealous if you went to the concert. I am--after all--a former teen of the 80s. Can't help but love John Cougar! I'll hold you in high regard either way!
    tonight my boss is paying another part time helper to work for 8 hours so that I can get some sleep! YAY!

  5. John Hancock Building... It's the HERBIE Hancock building. Geesh...