Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Day Three. Eating everything I can sink my teeth into.

In an email written to my sister this morning:
"I've fallen off the wagon.  I figured, I gave my guts a full 48 hours of nothingness, TLC, and aloe vera gel and they have repaid me by taking from my buttocks and rendering me as curvy as a pre-pubescent boy.  So, this morning, I played heavy metal music aimed towards my colon, while eating fried chicken, snickers, with a side of screws and glass shards.   I'm tired of being bossed around by a lazy intestinal cord."


  1. You go girl! If you can make it here by dinner we are having BBQ pork sandwiches with cole slaw on top. YUM.

  2. Alrighty then. Set the table for four (Max will be dining with us, I suppose?!)