Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bentley is packing his bags...

My poor little chilupa.   I think he may be heading for the bright blue yonder after 20 years of sub-par living.  A few weeks ago, he was acting strange, off balance, pooping on the floor right in front me and then trying to cover up his stinky sins by pawing furiously at the carpet which he confused for kitty litter.  Then he bounced back and was full of vigor.  Just yesterday, he began to stumble from room to room like a drunkard, although does not seem to be in any pain.  He purrs if you just look at him. 

It is always hard to know what to do, put him down preemptively or just let him pass away from a long life, as long as he's not suffering.  

He's had a good run, that silly cat.  I will miss him so.

Here he is with a moustache. He was trying to get seconds on the wet cat food, pretending to be another house cat. I think he told me his name was Ventley Srdlik. Clever fellow.


  1. Awwww Ben, you are such a wonderful if slightly off kilter cat.

  2. Just run if he gears up to sneeze!!