Monday, February 15, 2010

My Funny Valentine's

Hello, friends. I hope y'all had a nice weekend with your snuggle bunny, sugar plum, shnookums, buffy, picklebutt, dumpster mouth (reserved for those early AM moments), gorillabuns or in my case, Scooby.

How was my weekend you ask? It went fantastically well, thank you for inquiring. So nice that I wish I had documented more in the way of pictures but as it stands, the ones I did take this weekend have me bearing a striking resemblance to Alice from the Brady Bunch. It's true. Look closely.

It's a cruel, cruel world.

Friday night we went to dinner at the restaurant where we had our first date. It was very romantical. We talked about everything under the sun; gay marriage, private school vouchers, the civil war, worms.

Saturday afternoon was spent at the local coffee shop playing a heated game of Trivial Pursuit. We only had a total of five "pie" pieces between the two of us dingleberries over 2.5 hours of playing. Quit thinking to yourself that his pie contained four of the five pieces. That ain't nice.

That night, we had tickets to attend "Jazz Night", a benefit thrown for our local live theater. I suspect we were the only ones there under age 50 and we didn't dance, but we had a great time watching those who did. One man in particular stole our attention. We pegged him to be around 57 with maybe a kid or two in college, and boy was he feeling the groove; passionate finger snapping, swaying to the beat, eyes tightly closed and front teeth plastered firmly to his bottom lip. We just sat back in our chairs and took it all in. It was like people watching at the air port but much heavier on the sequins and Lycra.

Here was Scoob at 8...

At 9:30...

And here he is right before I called us a cab.

Happy Valentine's Day to all my Valentines!


  1. love it!! He is adorable!!! Glad you had fun. my day consisted of an ipod nano, and a sweet card, church, lunch with friends,(with 4 boys at a both by themselves) nap, nap, nap, movies at church...VERY romantic....getten old....we probably would of blended in with the old people dancing :o)

    Your OLD sister

  2. Gull! You need to post that picture we took of you in Natalie's room where you look like a dead ringer for Alice. Remember? I made you send it to me? That's a bit troubling. When you start to see a resemblance to the Brady Bunch housekeeper in a lot of your pictures.

  3. *gulp* ... I will do a search for it this evening. Thank you, anonymous #2, for reminding me.

  4. Hey if you are Alice in disguise can you come and clean my house and cook me a meal or two? Max would like to see you.

  5. I would. And I will. Tell Max to get his best dress on.