Saturday, February 20, 2010


You heard me right! Today is your lucky day, folks! I have decided to take this side-show to the big-leagues of blogdom. This morning, I read that one fellow blogger was giving away some fancy pots 'n pans, another one was giving away 6 bags of the tastiest muffins you ever did savor and a third was giving away a nifty neck-warmer/scarf that she herself knitted. Oooooo, talents and useful hobbies. Humpf.

Got me thinking. Wheels a-turnin', smoke billowing out of my ears kind of thinking. Never to be outdone, I am offering some giveaway prizes to the first three lucky people to leave me a comment. Any comment will do. Even a rumor of a comment.

First, this lovely Stavzor plastic carrying case. Essential for all those things that need carrying around, like small babies or grain rice. Also included is a pill divider, perfect for those individuals who have chronic health issues, which, if you follow and enjoy reading my blog, you probably* have a few.

For the second lucky comment-leaver, a tried and tested calculator. 1+1= does equal 2 on this math hog.

And in last place, the least glamorous gift. It fell out of the bottom of my office chair today.

*Yes.  You do.  Probably mental in nature.


  1. Well, well, well!!! Looks like I might get a pill divider and a clear plastic bag! Perhaps I shall decorate it with photos of me and Tucker Carlson!!!!

  2. Whatever you wish, my fair lady! I will be sending off your loot and booty soon. Thank you for participating.

    Come again!

  3. Oh pick me! Pick me!! There must be something that you can send me!!

  4. Debbie, you lucky lass, you. I'll be sending you that trusty calculator. Tax season is upon us!

  5. Umm. I don't really want the piece that fell out of your chair.


  6. I'll take that peice that fell!! I could find a use for it!! as long as it doesn't smell like your ass.


  7. Girls, girls, girls! Beggars can't be choosers. Besides, you're both DISQUALIFIED for having ungrateful attitudes.