Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Take a walk with me...

Last Saturday, I got off my duff and took a walk around the farm.  It was 75 degrees and sunny which makes it a virtual crime to stay in doors.  I would have liked to take you with me but you were all busy. I know because I peeked in your windows.  You all are impeccable house-keepers. 

Come along with me...

For whatever reason, I always feel like I should provide commentary on every picture but that is not always necessary.  Plus, you might be tired of my snarkiness. 

So, here's some fence posts that are covered in what appears to be green scabs. 

Cows are in a constant state of panic.  For really no reason at all.

Oh, looky.  An outhouse.  How convenient after a long walk. 

Don't mind if I doo.  

 That must have hurt.  Don't ask me why people were eating shoes back in the early 1900's. 

Moving on...

Next stop, an old schoolhouse on the outskirts of the property.  I know a lot about school because I was in for a very, very long time. 

Just ask Sallie freaking Mae. 

I am researching the origin of this early 1900's schoolhouse so I hope to be able to update you at some point.  For now, I've been instructed to talk to the neighbors to my left and the lady at the post office down the road for more information.  However, it's fun to imagine what may have taken place during that time period... 

The inside of the school house.  

Imagine all the lessons that were written on that board or the many noses that were pressed up in the corner...

As a little girl, I wanted to be a school teacher.  My brother, mother and who ever else would give me the time of day were my semi-cooperative pupils.  I won't say I didn't yell at them or give them big red "F's" on their worksheets.  I was tough, but fair.  Mainly, I was just bossy.

 Well, I'm exhausted.  How about you?  Let's go.  While on the way, let's take a picture of the cotton ball clouds.  Sorry if I am excited about the most mundane of objects. 

Almost home.  Calves.  Burning.

Thanks for coming along with me.  

Coming soon, the story of my crazy neighbors.  Literally. 

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