Friday, May 20, 2011


Montana holds the official title of "Big sky country" but I'm pretty sure West Virginia is its kissing cousin.  Please take a moment to revel in the subtle inference of incest.  

These things come to me in flashes of brilliance.

I hope to show you one day what I mean by "big sky" but my camera has been around for years and is very, very tired.  Its shutter speed is such that the object I intend on capturing on film will have graduated college, gotten married and moved cross country before their image registers.  In other words, the ideal subjects for this rattle-trap Nikon are stationary items like statues, buildings and old people.

Anyway, what was I saying?  Oh yes.  Because of the big sky panoramic views, I am able to forecast inclement weather days in advance.  Well, not days per se.  It sure feels like it.  

Here is a shot of a storm rolling through the other evening.  In the background are Quincy and Winnie being regal. 

The sheep were kept in the barn or "jug" overnight while this weather system moved through because they were getting their hair done cut off the very next morning.  Wet wool is apparently brutal on electric shearers.

The close quarters caused much consternation amongst the community. 

"Say wa? You say this Jerry Curl is coming off?" 

This guy is always consternated. 

At 9:00 the next morning, we had a professional sheep shearer come out the farm and strip these guys nekkid. 

You should know right off the bat that sheep love being on their backs and even more then that, they love loud tools that hover a mere millimeter from their flesh.

Look at how relaxed this guy is?  He's LOVING it.


And just in time for summer, Leila gets a bikini trim.
(sorry, I know that's unsavory but I couldn't help myself)




Coming soon to a mailbox near you, Lands' End Winter Fleece collection 2012.


  1. Always funny!
    Coincidinkally, I am listening to "Meet me in Montana" by Marie Osmond and Dan Seals RIGHT NOW as I am reading your blog! ha! :)

  2. Well, what do you know?! Great minds think alike! Hope you're well, Lolly Fab.

  3. Brilliant! Loved the photos, esp. the ... ah ... unsavory one. Rosie clipped one of ours a couple of days ago. Leg's stitched up, twins (still unborn) ok ... dogs are bad. Really bad.