Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Death Revisited

A death.

I killed someone last night, friends. I am very sad about this and actually lost sleep over it. I have managed to drive for 9 years without ever killing anything that I know of with the hardness of my fast moving vehicle. I was driving home early this morning and I saw a possum crossing on my right, still on the road, but out of death's way. When I pulled my eyes back to the road in front of me, there she was, a little possum wife following behind her husband and I ran her the hell over. Both the front and back tires got a taste of death and they too were sad.

I imagined the possum husband coming over and nudging his wife, now souless and gutless on the street, realizing that he had lost the smelliest, best girl he could've ever asked for. "She had the red, beady eyes of an angel" I could hear him say. He jots down the license number from my car on his note pad so he can do a scan of my plates later. I know there will be hell to pay.

Last night I prayed that it was as fast and painless as could be if ever there was a car to run over you. I had a lot to eat last night, so the car was really heavy and I was speeding. I did not even have the guts to go back and see if I had done the job right.

I am sorry possum animal that I killed your lady. She will forever be in my heart and partially in my grill. And on my fender.


  1. Don't feel bad. You've done the feline world a favor. Possums are catfood thieves, so you have perhaps saved a cat a meal or two. Besides, God made cars in part for wild animal population control, and you used your car for just that, intentional or not. I will further my case that you should not worry by saying that I really am pretty sure that the cops won't be knocking on your least for this!

  2. Possum death. It happens. Just think of the price that Uncle Don is going to have to pay with all the furry woodland creatures that he has dispatched.

  3. As I write this, I'm sitting in the great room at the cottage, looking at the lawn down by the lake, and can see a large groundhog sunning himself down near the water. In response to Debbie's post, here are the aggregate numbers of "critters" trapped at the cottage since we constructed the "new side" in 1996:

    Opossums 34
    Raccoons 105
    Groundhogs 46

  4. *shakes head* I thought I knew you, Amanda.

    For shame!

    For shame....

  5. Keep writing, Girleen! Lovely, lovely prose ... Nothing you could do about Mrs. Possum. Nothing at all. xxx