Monday, October 4, 2010

My Hairy Roommate.

Here's my temporary roommate.  His name is Clyde Mitchell and he is handsome.  And he eats his own poo but just forget that for a bit and look into his sweet and earnest eyes.  They will suck you in.

Here he is protecting the homestead.  He hears things, like leaves falling off trees, rocks sitting still, ocean waves and so he gets up and barks at the window.  Because he can.


  1. Temporary, or permanent? Also. Respond to the question about the furniture.


  2. Anonymous or Alaquesha,

    He is temporary as my boss is out West for the week. So I volunteered my home and heart (and bed, too). He is my very good friend.

    I will respond about the furniture inquiry as soon as I can gather my wits. Stay tuned.

  3. Do a Google search on the following phrase: canine coprophagia

  4. Woh. I just assumed Clyde was being a gross dog. Guess it's plum normal. As a side note, I'm having second thoughts about him sleeping on my bed. Thanks for the heads up, UD.