Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dear Bonsey, Part Dos

Remember when I begged you all for some quandaries involving difficult life situations?  Well, let 'em rip because my ears are open and my logic is squirrelly.

Do you have a problem with your stupid boyfriend?  Tell ol' Bonsey about it.  Come come now, cry on my freckled shoulder.

Likewise, do you need to know what to cook for Kwanzaa?  Inquire within.

I live to dispense advice.  I do it for free. All. The. Time.


  1. Dear Bonsey- I have been worried about what to do on National Ice Cream Cone day which is fast approaching on Sept 22. There are so many flavors to choose from and I just can't decide.

    Help me Bonsey you're my only hope.

  2. Dear Bonsey- I'm just dying to know what to cook for my Kwanzaa feast! Please Help! I only have 3 months to plan!!! EEEK!