Thursday, June 24, 2010

When the moon hits your eye lika big pizza pie...

... That's Amore!  *high ptiched women's echo*  That's Amoreeee!

Moss never grows under my feet, unlike in between my toes.   Just kidding.   That would be gross.   All that nonsense to let you know that I will be leaving for vacation and will not be here to answer the deeper questions in life.   I fly to Barcelona on Saturday and are meeting up with my little/big brother and his friend for a cruise through the Mediterranean.   You know what folks, until about 2 months ago, I could not point out the Mediterranean on a map if you paid me in 10,000 horses and 20,000 shekels.   Geography to me is a mystery and an embarrassment of sorts.   Go ahead and ask me what borders The Ukraine. 

*shrugs shoulders*

See?  It's deplorable. 

So, I'm off to Barcelona,

Monte Carlo,




And Palma, Majorca.  

If anyone has sight-seeing, dining or off the beaten path suggestions from their previous trips to Italy, please let me know.  Trying to sort through some of the touristy things and the "must sees" is a challenge.   Especially when you thought Morocco and Monaco were interchangeable.   Just kidding, but maybe I'm telling the truth.

I'm so excited I could spit!  Or just drool.  In either case, I'm covered.

Bon Voyage!


  1. Ma'am you travel more than anyone I know! I love it! Be careful and have fun! Take TONS of pictures. I live vicariously through you, that is of course until I'm out of this pergatory some like to call med school.

    p.s. the countries bordering Ukraine are Ukraine borders Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Romania, Slovakia and Hungary.

    Yes, I'm that geographically inclined... or at least wiki is.. same thing really.

  2. purgatory**, just making sure you're paying attention is all ;-) love ya amanda buttlicker!