Saturday, June 19, 2010

Garden Thyme!

I had this idea waking up one Saturday morning.   I guess some people call it "planting a garden".  I was just trying to move some earth around and drop some seeds in with the hope of one garden salad sometime in late August.   I'm a dreamer.

Here is the battleground...  Wild, untamed, earthy.   The soil was like dried cement.   But the story does not end there.  

Here is my hoe.

Bad hoe. 

I threw her out in the street.  She was of no use to me now.

After 1 hour of sweat equity, my garden was ready to be seeded.   Please take a moment of silence.  I rarely have such moments of unbridled excellence.

Yes, those are plastic gloves.  My nails had been screaming "Dumpster Diver" previously.

En route.

Look at the optimism in those eyes.

Plants consist of basil, thyme, chives, oregano, green beans, green peppers, multi-colored peppers, onion, parsley, hopes and dreams.

Here I was giving them a pep-talk, or a pre-emptive lashing.  My scare tactics included those four letter words for plants:  Weed(s), deer, heat, bugs or the ultimate, inattention.

My friends, I would like to say this was the beginning of a beautiful journey, but after weeks of vacation and general malaise towards working outside in the searing heat, this is what I encountered this morning.  Please, no children beyond this point.


My heart was shattered.

I've never seen a weed grow with such vigor and anointing.  I was trying to uproot it when it slapped me in the face as it had evolved a complex brain stem in those two months. 

So, here is the final product. Weeds or vegetables? Who really knows? I sure don't.


  1. In this family we garden because we must. It is in the genes and you cannot escape it.

  2. I'm glad to know there is a reason for it!