Friday, April 30, 2010

I am a hard worker, Part 1

Myth Busters is a show on Discovery were different theories or "myths" are put to the test.   One such theory, that women have higher pain tolerance than men, was in question on last night's show.  Turns out, the women were able to submerge their arm in ice-water for 100.4 seconds on average, and men 84.3 seconds.

Boy Toy and I discussed these results via email from work.   We are very, very hard working individuals.   Management material, really. 
BT:   Well I'll be. Girls won. Did you think they would? Any reason? What did the show say about the reasons why?
*Pause*  This is a brave man to engage me in such conversation, for he knows he is about to open Pandora's box. 


Me:   No, they were just trying to dispel the theory.  But there was no dispelling.  The test subjects were not aware that they were participants in this battle of the sexes so they were just performing au naturale.   By the way, you'd better hope that a morsel of internal fortitude and toughness made it into the double x chromosomes or all mankind would sucking their thumbs in a dusty corner somewhere.   Who takes care of mom when she's at deaths door the life needs addressing?  And how does the average male behave when he's got a touch of the flu?
[enter soapboxing here...]
Me:  And if I may, I would like to comment on why I think women have their own brand of strength and uniqueness, apart from masculinity.   This is not a male bashing segment.   It goes without saying that the earth would cease to exist without y'all.   There would have been no great Westward expansion, no new technologies, no wars to be started or finished, no vaccines, no imposing architecture.   There is no denying this, so I will not attempt to.  However, women are the civilising force in the world. 

In the movie John Adams, Abigail Adams daughter asked the question as she watched her father and older brothers go off on another stint in Europe,  "How come they get to have all the fun?"   Abigail smiled at her and said, "Because we let them".   There is a shred of truth to that.  If we're a prudent people, we can see the bigger picture of gender responsibilities.  If women enable men to be men, in the way they were designed to operate, our future can be made more secure and our children and society as a whole will have a greater means to thrive.  Those were broad strokes, but bear with me.
Ok, now that I've rambled on, the real reason I think women have higher pain tolerance is that we are the better, stronger sex.  Amen.
 BT:   Because we let them? Ha. Why didn't they let themselves vote?  What if a man were asked why women have become more involved in the workplace and he answered "because we let them?"

Me:   Say Abigail Adams decided that she did not want to raise her family or keep her house in order.   She instead wanted to be a lawyer and part-time manicurist and not so much a mother or a wife.   How could they have survived?  John Adams would never have been the influential figure he was during the conception of our country had he been saddled with a family and other outside obligations.   
While women might not be down in the books as the authors of a many great things, we are the great conspirators and catalysts in human history.   Without women's willingness to fulfill their god-given roles to nurture and support their families and husbands, there would be no such thing as progress in any right. 

Me BT:  Oh Amanda, you're right.   So, so right.   And beautiful.   How could I ever doubt you?  Also, Jessica Simpson is a tramp.   Icky-icky.   I hope to never meet her in person.   I'm quite certain she'll smell, unlike you my little fragrant Petunia! 
Ahh... I just love it when we can see eye to eye on things. 

P.S   This is not meant to be a referendum on any woman who has chosen a family, career and everything in between.   This is just the world as I see it, and it may not be your reality.    Both are worthy callings.   Remember, my brain is scrappy and my mouth is wide and unruly.  


  1. you are making me and my husband pee our pants laughing right now - in public - this is not going to be pretty - or rather, pretty embarrassing if we both have to walk out of starbucks with soggy pants! i needed a good laugh - thank you!

  2. Thank you, jess. Actually, you just made my day. And probably my day tomorrow with your kind words. Needless to say, I am very jealous that you were able to read from your fancy Mac in a Starbucks.

    Oh, and you and your facebook posting this morning was my inspiration for planting my herb and vegetable garden today. Pictures and post to come...

  3. I agree with you 100%. Just don't let the N.O.W. get wind of your post. They might hunt you down and eat you for lunch. They're a tolerant group like that. Also? Tell Boy Toy that Jessica Simpson doesn't always brush her teeth because she doesn't like it when they feel too "slick."