Wednesday, April 14, 2010


What do you do to delay the news that you spent $120 at Walmart when you were going out for just a "few groceries"?  You pretend you are playing a ukulele and create a diversion.  That's what.

Me:  "Dad!  Look at me!  I'm playing a ukulele! And I spent a hundred-twenty dollars at Walmart.  By the way, Isn't that Bentley just the limit?!"

D:  "What!?"

D:   "Did you say you spent a hundred-twenty dollars at Walmart?"

Me:  "No."

D:  "So you didn't then."

Me:  "No."

(In a defeated voice. He's been here before)

D:   "Amanda.  Where's the checkbook."

Me:  "I ate it.  It's in my belly."

What post would be complete without a picture of my unemployed, low-skilled labor cat?   Let me answer that.  Not a one as it would be a worthless, dark, and soulless post.  Icky. 

  That cataract gaze has launched a thousand ships. Bentley of Troy. Or just Bentley of Circle Drive.


  1. Oh yes, I can see that conversation. Bentley was most likely observing and laughing into his little kitty paws.

  2. Bentley is a feline Methuselah

  3. $120 at WalMart? That's not in line with the recently-published "50 State Breakdown of Residents' Household Spending," in which West Virginia ranks dead last, with annual household spending of $24,517. Oh well . . . we can count on you to do your part in correcting this gross inequity.

  4. Why does Bentley look like a free floating head? He is still alive, right?

  5. I love all the buzz this cat gets! I can't get these many comments in a day if I claimed to have chopped my own head off. Darn cat. I hate when he out-shines me.

    He is still alive, and yes, Donald, he is so, so, so old. Even his undercoat is completely grey.

  6. Pawh! I love all the buzz this cat gets. I could not get as much if claimed to have hacked off my own arm. That cat outshines me at every turn.

    @Donald: You would think that Walmart was made for the people in West Virgnia, but I digress.

  7. Ha! It looks like Bentlys head has been mounted!!!! ohh and your funny too....