Thursday, January 7, 2010

Vader and Co.

Honestly, when was the last time you saw a grown man dash down the hallway in his Darth Vader costume and it not be Halloween? If you answered just last week, you might work in mental health. It just so happened that The Dark Lord of the Sith had an appointment the same day that my computer was being fixed by our IT guy. As we listened in to the purposeful and labored breathing of said Darth Vader reverberating down the hall, the IT guy turns to me with one eyebrow cocked. I looked back, smiled and nodded. Understanding abounded.

My purpose is not to belittle those with mental disorders as they are a real and sobering part of people's lives. However, that does not mean that I cannot occasionally tickle your ear with some HIPPA approved anecdotes. In fact, my co-workers and I are comprising a small booklet of memorable occurrences throughout our years in mental health. I haven't settled on a title yet but I'm leaning towards "The CIA, Brain Chips, and You."

Also to note, it's never in good taste to use words or phrases like, "You're so crazy!" or "That's just plain nuts!" in any psychiatrists office, even if completely warranted by your co-workers. Apparently, those aren't proper terms to use, or so I've been told. Or maybe scolded by upper management.

Recently, the good doctor had finished with a new patient and sent him out our front door, out to discover a new life with renewed hope. As he was closing the door behind him, I shouted out "Excuse me, sir!" Thinking he had not heard me, I ran towards the door, swung it open and summoned him back into the office explaining with a tinge of innocent good-cheer, "You weren't hearing things! I was really calling your name!" Slowly and painfully he looks up at me only to utter, "That's why I'm here... hearing things... ain't real." That's precisely when I excused myself, went back into my office and sucked my thumb in silence for over an hour.


  1. haha Amanda, I love it! This sounds like something straight out of my life. I suffer from Chronic Open Mouth Insert Foot Syndrome. I'm currently seeking treatment. I can refer you to someone good!

  2. Me too. I have other stories but I'll tell them at a later date. Pride issues, you know.