Saturday, January 9, 2010

Dog's N Bones

There are precious few things in this world that I love more than canines. In going through pictures today, I came across a few that melted my little heart. Dogs are the best.

Exhibit number one, Ramsey, aka "Ramsicles". We got Ramsey from the newspaper apparently. When I inquired about his origin, dad told me, "Well, he was free." Well of course he was. How could you put a price on those drooly jowls? Ramsey is best known for doing the "boot-scoot" across my freshly steamed carpet and putting me into an OCD induced cardiac arrest. Anyway, we gave him away when he started biting everybody.

This dog is not stoned but is a dear companion of a family friend. You should ask my brother how he feels about her sometime.

Who doesn't love a chocolate lab puppy? This little guy was a gift given to my friend for graduating medical school. It made total sense that she'd be working 90 hour work weeks for the next few years, however the neighbor boy made some serious dog-walking cash last summer.

Meet Honey. She is my sister's pooch and has been through some tough times as of late. Please note my sisters bang-up swaddling job on her tail. She injured it by wagging too hard and smacking it against the cupboard. Probably out of sheer love and joy at something The Master was doing. I'm pretty sure she should have been taken to the vet but it's a rough economy you know.

And here I am pulling on Honey's healthy limb because I'm really good with dogs. I'm also a lady and don't you forget it!

"Sugar" was a dog that I was going to adopt and then promptly rename. I got as far as a preliminary conversation with the foster mom when she asked me, "Now, what is the name and phone number of the vet you're registering with for her shots and de-worming?" I answered honestly as I could. I explained to her the Brdlik way of dealing with dogs. In the morning, you let them out the backdoor and hope for the best! She hung up. I cried.

Now, this dog. This dog is my very good friend. I watch him when his parents go out of town on vacation and sometimes I just watch him when we're sitting on the couch eating Cheetos and drinking pop together. He looks to be a mix between a lion and Don King. He has the sweetest disposition.

One night while dog-sitting, I saw that he left the room for awhile. I thought that was strange so I turned my head and found him leaning up against the back of the couch, just staring at me. By the way, that kind of behavior is only cute with dogs. Grown men try this and get restraining orders.


  1. Hahaha! You make me laugh out loud Amanda Kate.

  2. Gull! (I'm channeling Margaret Harris, Anne of Green Gables). You don't post enough. You change your picture more often than you post. Get crackin.