Thursday, August 26, 2010


Well, I'll be a monkey's uncle!  Saturday I pack up my junk (and it is junk) and move into my swanky condo. It boasts three bedrooms which means that I can have my very own crafting space. This excites me very much. Me Jane, you Reader. It's the simple things, right?

Probably what electrifies me most is the fact that I can paint, with restrictions of course as I am under a rental contract. My land lord broke out in an ice-cold sweat when I inquired about neutralizing the light yellow walls. Right now the walls say, "Hey, my name is Country Yellow, y'all! Come on down for some apple pie and some fly fishing!" I'm going more for the "Come on down, but leave your shoes at the door and your six pack in my fridge. Cash gifts don't hurt either. Rent's high." You know, that kind of color.

I wish I could remember what colors I used in this particular room because I think it's fancy.

My moma came to Lynchburg and painted these walls for me while I was away at work. I treated her to a nice dinner out that night, which she profusely thanked me for. God bless him, but my dad is not one to wine and dine his women. That was just an aside. She would be so happy to see me back in my own place again.

Why, thank you for asking!  My job is moving along quite nicely. It's almost my second week in and everyday that I walk into my office, I feel a little less like throwing up. Bleeding ulcers have subsided too. I enjoy the Human Resources aspect, but the contract writing is a little tedious and makes black smoke plume out of my ears.  Well, hello Google search, cut and paste! Right, everybody?!



  1. I would pay to see black smoke come out of your ears.

    And just think, now you have your own place where you can strip furniture to your hearts content. I am never going to let you forget that you know.

  2. Ahhh I always liked the way that you arrange your stuff, Dandy Mandy. Glad to hear that all is well :)

  3. Thanks, Quiggs. Y'all are the best! Even when you revisit my adventure with the whole stripping furniture in a newly carpeted room. You handled it so, so well. Except for the whole punching me in the jaw part.

  4. It's a Saturday and I refrain from doing homework (as if it's tempting), so I catch up on your posts for entertainment and see that you have a new job. Now I ask, "What's your new job?"