Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Bad me

I am woefully sorry about not keeping up appearances here. It's a lot of pressure, you know? It's not like I don't have things I would like to talk to you about but most of them seem far too mundane to let wander out of my brain. I would not want to saddle you down with a bunch of snoozer posts in which I totally will if you'll just give me more time.

So, let me share some pictures with you from my private collection as I am biding time with my other works in progress...

Probably taken at a state fair, this here woman was just plain crafty. Quit yer snikern.

I painted this for my good friend, Kate. It's a portrait of her. As a man. Or Maria Shriver. This was an honest work on my part so please stop being smug and thinking that you could have done better because, really, you are hurting my feelings. Picasso wasn't famous until after he was dead so I'm thinking I only have about 45 years to do more of these here strokes of glory before I can get my proper accolades.

This sweet picture was of my old Lab, Ramsey. I believe this needs no further caption.

I'll admit I have weird attachments to my vehicles. But for all you doubters out there, as you can see, it's mutual. I went to take a few pictures of Night Rider before he was sold to a nice old lady who I'm convinced only drove him to and from a Baptist church on Sunday's and well, you can see how upset he was.

I'm just saying...It's a nice picture, right? I'm just saying. Don't judge me.


  1. Ah Ramsey. Now THAT was a dog!

  2. You'll be disgusted at yourself for looking and liking it, but yes it is.

  3. Ha! I showed Noah your new "about me" pic on your blog and asked him who he thought that was. He said, "you?" Ha, ha, Amanda. Feel thoroughly insulted that you look like a haggard, 30something, mother to an orphanage of children. Noah also thinks I have a beautiful, opera worthy voice. So. Perhaps he's not the best judge. But whatever.

  4. Oh Anonymous! Time for little Noah to get his eyes checked. He couldn't see the fivehead on that face? I take no insult. Maybe.

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